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1C:Drive is a mid-size ERP solution for the management and control of business processes. Targeted at small and medium-sized businesses aiming to accelerate their company's growth, manage their sales processes, services, production, and more.

1C:Enterprise Resource Planning

1C:ERP is a powerful and flexible ERP solution tailored for large businesses striving to lead in their respective markets and tackle the challenges of the current economy. It integrates production management and planning optimization, sales and financial management, along with IFRS compliance.

1C:Corporate Performance Management

1C:CPM serves as a corporate performance management solution, automating accounting processes, planning, and the performance monitoring of your enterprise. With 1C:CPM, businesses can plan, track, and analyze their operations, ensure compliance with IFRS, manage consolidation, accounting, and budgeting, and effectively handle master data.

1C:Enterprise Content Management

1C:Document Management is an enterprise content management software where you can create documents according to your company's standards using forms and templates that capture all necessary details. Additionally, you can send documents for backup, approval, review, and implementation, ensuring each step is properly and timely completed.

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